A 3-Day, Power-Packed Experience
For Aspiring Speakers

Crown Plaza Atlanta Airport


Speakermizer PHD

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$4,000.00 $2,999.00

Speakermizer PHD (Professional Help & Development) gives you online access enabling you to continue your education, coaching and training long after you’ve left Speakermizer.

Includes 3-Day PowerUp & Launch:

  • 3 Days of Premier Education and Training
  • Preferred Attendee Seating
  • Kick-Off Reception Access
  • BNB, Bluesheet Downloads

Includes Fastrack to Launch:

  • VIP Seating + VIP Reception Access, Day 2
  • Speaker’s Professional Photo-shoot
  • 60 Sec. Speaker’s Reel w/ 1-to-1 Coaching Session
  • Personalized, Speakermizer’s Premium Website
  • 1 Hour, Expert Brand and Marketing Consultation

Also Includes:

  • Speakermizer’s Formulate, Marketing and Monetize, eBook (Digital Rewind of the Entire Conference)
  • Speakermizer’s PHD ToolBox: Unlimited Downloads to Graphics, Contracts, Sales Materials and more.
  • 6-Month Access, Speakermizer’s Online Courses
  • 3-Mo. Website Maintenance + Content Updates
  • Three, 30 Min., Live Coaching and Marketing Sessions



Fastrack to Launch

By purchasing Fastrack to Launch, you will receive additional instructions once your order has been confirmed. Afterwards, there is no need to wait to get started! Simply follow the directions to begin the process of launching your new website and speaking career. Optionally, you may wait to get started upon meeting with our brand marketing experts and developers on-site during Speakermizer 3-Day Conference.

Speakermizer PHD

24 Hours after the completion of the event. Your Speakermizer PHD online account will automatically activate. You will receive a notification. Once you are successfully activated as a PHD Member, you can do the following:

  • Setup your community profile,
  • Access Speakermizer’s Formulate, Marketing and Monetize eBook
  • Enroll in courses to continue your coaching and training
  • Access Speakermizer’s ToolBox that includes graphics, sales materials, essential business documents and more.

Additional information will be display enabling you to access other Speakermizer PHD benefits such as:

  • Scheduling your Live, 30 Minute Coaching and Marketing Sessions,
  • Submitting updates for your newly launch website and more.

You may also access affordable and discounted services from Speakermizer Fastrack marketplace to help you grow your speaking career and business. Now is the time to take your dreams to the next level.

Venue Location

Crown Plaza Atlanta Airport
1325 Virginia Ave,
Atlanta, GA 30344


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