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CEO, ShockTheory

Sonja N. Williams

A master at bringing ideas to life, Sonja has a proven track record in producing highly successful large-scale productions, technology platforms, and engagement programs.

Sonja N. Williams is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShockTheory, a digital marketing, live event, and technology consultancy located just north of Atlanta, GA. From developing mobile applications to producing multi-million dollar conventions – you’ll find her extremely comfortable in her creative space.

Carving out a niche for herself, she’s delivered projects for companies such as Verizon, Ford, Burger King, American Family Insurance and others.

As technology evolved to socially give consumers a bigger voice in the marketplace, so did her vision to stay in the forefront of the next big thing.

From creating the first consumer-focused social network for Amtrak to producing large-scale conventions in places such as MGM Grand Arena for over 40,000 attendees, her ability to capture experiences coupled with innovative ideas based on human-centered design has earned her a mainstay VIP ticket in the industry.


What’s Next

“Besides the day job (ShockTheory), my latest ventures include an upcoming JankyToSwanky podcast, two mobile app startups, and helping others launch their dreams in the tech space.“



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Introducing JankyToSwanky

JankyToSwanky, a movement to upgrade everything. It’s a colorful discussion, experience, and journey of self-discovery to increase the quality of life, inspire the best relationships, and a platform to help reach your greatest potential.

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A collection of short real-life stories and key learnings from a black woman entrepreneur in the world of startups, dreams, and other craziness.

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24 min Podcast of authentic talks on topics affecting women and girls helping them to make sensible, informed decisions while avoiding shiny objects.

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Visuals Notes are short, digestible tidbits of information, resources, and secrets to help women and girls upgrade how and where they live, work, and play.

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